Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Developments for Oberlin SAAC

With the start of the 2010-2011 year, Oberlin's SAAC has implemented a few new features. To begin with, we have a new group of officers leading the way! Here's how it looks:

Co-chairs: Albert Davila & Rob Bond
Secretary: Kate Melanson
Treasurer: Courtney Konow
Communications Director: Hal Sundt
Publicity Director: Ben Turchin

In addition, our SAAC group has come up with a new way to form bonds across different athletic teams. The concept is called OC Unite! Each team is paired up with a different team from a different sports season. These "YeoFriends" (the teams partnered up together) agree to go to at least two home games with their entire team to support the other team. Here is how our teams are paired up!

Women's Softball ------ Men's XC
Women's XC ----------- Men's Basketball
Women's Field Hockey ------ Men's Tennis
Women's LAX --------- Men's Football
Women's T&F --------- Men's Soccer
Women's Swim/Dive -------- Men's LAX
Women's Basketball -------- Men's T&F
Women's Volleyball --------- Men's Swim/Dive
Women's Tennis ------ Men's Golf
Women's Soccer ----- Men's Baseball

We're all excited for another great year of sports and SAAC! Talk to you soon.

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Tammela said...

Glad to hear the OC SAAC legacy continues! Keep up the good work, friends.