Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wooster S.A.A.C Updates 11/9-11/15

Hello all!
Just to give you a few updates on some of things going on with the Wooster S.A.A.C group:

In October we aided our Residential Life Staff in participating in an event we call, "Hall-o-Treats". Children from the local area dressed in their best and scariest Halloween Costumes and flooded our campus in a night planned with tours through the dorms and a fun packed carnival. Our teams worked different booths by playing games with the children. The football had the children guess the right card and gave out candy, the soccer team had children try to kick a soccer ball past their scary masked goalie, the cheerleaders painted the faces with superheroes, pumpkins, and candy corn, the golf team let children try their hand at a eight foot put, and the lacrosse teams had the kids toss ghosts into the ghost bins. All in all our athletes had a blast handing out candy and hanging out with the kids. We can't wait to do it again next year!

Starting next week, our S.A.A.C group will be working in partnership with NIKE in a program called "Re-Use-A-Shoe". We have set up boxes in our gymnasium and our student center for people across campus to donate their old shoes to be recycled for children across the world who need them. We borrowed the idea from the Earlham Soccer team and are really excited for our turnout. We'll report back when he have the final results!

We also hosted Dr. Timothy C. Marchell to our campus last Thursday. Dr. Marchell is a clinical psychologist and Director of Mental Health Initiatives at Cornell University where he leads institutional strategies to address alcohol abuse and other mental health problems facing students and was visiting other NCAC schools in the area. We had a blast eating dinner with him and his presentation which drew upon his own experiences as a former college athlete and fraternity member and help develop innovative strategies to address hazing, alcohol abuse, and sexual violence and positive team-bonding strategies was amazing. Not only was his information well received by our athletes, but we also plan to take a lot of the material he gave us in preparation to help our captains and leaders across campus. We really hope he comes back soon to speak again!

Other events that we are in the process of planning: Our 1st Annual Wooster Fighting Scots Athlete Banquet in the spring A new dedication in our physical education center entitled, "Where Are They Now", highlighting the lives and work of some of our former athletes, A "Blood Bath" with Wittenberg University in order to donate blood to the Red Cross "Make A Wish Foundation" where each team will be sponsoring some child in the local area and making their Christmas list come true and a Hoops-For-Hunger event in conjunction with local vendors to give donate canned food and donations to those in need both in Ohio and across the globe in efforts with a company called "World Vision".

Good luck to our Field Hockey team who will be taking on No.16 Stevens in New Jersey in the first round of the NCAA Division III Field Hockey National Championship Tournament!

Good luck to all the other teams across the conference participating this week. I think that's all we have now to update you on, but look for us to report back next week with some new and exciting things that we're looking to do here at the College of Wooster!

-Wooster S.A.A.C Representatives

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